About Our Company

FVT started as an R&D company developing battery-electric drive technologies in 2009. We discovered early on the skillset and 

components needed to produce powerful electric drive systems and refined our expertise over the next 4 years. Our goal was to be a solutions provider and to design comprehensive systems - not just components. Systems that included all parts, communications and wiring from wall to wheels. 

These systems would become a complete package and a bolt-in solution for OEM’s wanting to convert existing diesel systems to clean electric power. In 2013 we began to commercialize our designs starting with mining equipment.

FVT’s skillset is unique to the industry. We are just as comfortable turning wrenches as we are writing code. Our abilities encompass commercial and industrial vehicles, prototyping, electronics, mechanical design, code writing, hydraulics, motor control, system integration, battery design, component production, data collection and testing.  

We love what we do and invite you to join with us and strive for a cleaner, quieter, more profitable and sustainable future.