What we do

Unlike the established ICE industry, complete electric drive systems are not commercially available. Although there are many component suppliers for EV systems, there are very few system integrators that can put complete packages together.

FVT designs and develops electric drive systems to meet or exceed the performance of the diesel power plant they are replacing. Our first step is to collect data on cost, power, duty cycle, performance, weight, lifetime expectancy, safety and servicing requirements of system. We then design a custom tailored solution. 


FVT core competencies:

  • Complete design and development of prototype and production components
  • Mechanical, thermal, and electrical modeling 
  • Little to no modification of existing OEM product 
  • Quick design and development. Quick to market
  • Project autonomy. No outsourced work
  • Constantly sourcing & developing better products 
  • FVT services of all of our products
  • Plug and play, field replaceable components


Technical competencies: 

  • High voltage lithium battery packs and chargers
  • Electric drive motors, controllers and control code
  • High GPM & PSI electric hydraulic systems
  • Central vehicle control systems
  • High voltage and fire safety systems
  • Generators and gensets
  • Data collection and analysis - on-site and remotely


Additional abilities:

  • Custom component design
  • Custom electronics design
  • Custom source code development
  • Supply of core components
  • Full machine and fabrication shop