Heavy Duty Battery-Electric Drive Systems

About FVT

Turn-key battery electric drive systems are not yet commercially available, and although there are many component suppliers for electric vehicles (EV) powertrains, there are very few integrators that create high performance, efficient and easy to use battery powered systems. This is FVT’s core strength.

FVT has developed hybrid (HEV) and plug in (PEV) electric vehicle drivetrains as well as EV components and systems for vehicles from Porsches and mining vehicles, to transit buses. FVT combines select high quality commercial of the shelf components with custom designed technologies to create high performing, reliable systems. All systems are designed to be modular and scalable, able to integrate into most existing internal combustion drive platforms with minimal changes.

FVT’s skillset is unique in the industry. We are just as comfortable turning wrenches as we are writing code. Our abilities encompass commercial and industrial vehicle prototyping, electronic and electrical engineering, engineering physics, mechanical design, code writing, hydraulic system design, motor control, system integration, battery design, component production, remote data collection, and data analysis and testing.

We are being the change we want to see in the world.  We love what we do and invite you to join with us in striving for a cleaner, quieter, more efficient, and sustainable future.


FVT’s initial systems were developed for custom electric and luxury performance cars. Development of heavy duty commercial battery-electric drive technologies began in 2010. Using experience and knowledge obtained from automotive, auto racing and mechanical backgrounds, led to the creation of a ruggedized OEM system for an underground mining utility vehicle in 2011. Since then, with development of higher performance components, FVT now produces some of the most powerful and efficient heavy duty battery-electric drive systems available.

FVT’s goal has always been to be the best heavy duty EV powertrain solution provider, and design comprehensive systems, not just innovative components. FVT systems include all the components, wiring, control code, firmware and CAN communications from start to finish, creating high performing fully integrated EV drives.

Today these systems are a complete turn-key solution for OEMs wanting to convert existing diesel systems to clean battery-electric power.

Convert Your Drivetrain from Diesel to Electric

FVT helps make it easy to adopt new battery powered drivetrain technology by revitalizing your existing assets. FVT drive systems can replace existing diesel engines when rebuilding or remanufacturing vehicles, providing a renewed yet familiar platform with reliable and powerful battery electric technology. This cost effective solution delivers performance and savings while simultaneously providing health and environmental benefits.

Depending on the industry, simple payback can range from two to eight years.

FVT drive system components are industry leading. Many are expected to outlive the vehicle regardless of the donor vehicle age. Some cases may provide the case for transplanting into a second donor vehicle, further maximizing the system’s utility.

All components are fully recyclable at end of life